No Smoking … for the volcano Etna this prohibition does not apply!

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anelli etna

The smoke rings produced by volcano Etna in 2000 and reappeared in 2013 – Ph. Marco Fulle

Rings almost perfect. Designed them the sicilian volcano Mount Etna during today’s eruption  (11 April 2013). The new Southeast Crater is smoking. A rare and very impressive phenomenon product by a Nature that never ceases to surprise us. This is the tenth eruption from the beginning of the year and this phenomenon was seen also in the early 2000s. Etna eruptive activity has been more or less constant during the last 2,000 years, even though his “history” dates back to about 300,000 years ago (some of the most spectacular eruptions of Etna took place in prehistory). In many centuries the Mount Etna have produced certainly a large number of smoke rings. In some occasions, within living memory, Etna produced several rings even within the same eruption, lasting around 15 minutes and with a diameter of  600 meters!




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