Abruzzo…naturally yours!

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abruzzo spot

A frame of a promotional clip about southern italian region Abruzzo (2012)

Here is a film idea we like a lot: a guy, going by the snows of the high mountains to the sea, while changing the altitude and his experiences and a slogan that immediately evokes the idea of ‘belonging’ to a region where the absolute protagonists are Nature and History: “There is a place where your imagination is going to live again. In Abruzzo live your emotions from the top to the bottom. Abruzzo, naturally yours.” In our opinion, this is the synthetic and effective way to promote tourism in a region that offers sea, mountain, hill, culinary traditions and adventure. A wonderful place suitable for everyone. This is the commercial created last year by the Abruzzo Region to promote their own beauty and that we decide to repropose here again, chosen among different touristic short films. In the video you can also see some glimpses of L’Aquila, a city that we would like to put in evidence again after the shameful silence of these years that followed the devastating earthquake of 2009: we wish and hope so. The agency that produced the spot is the Pomilio Blumm in Pescara and the director is Sergio Di Renzo. What do you expect to visit Abruzzo …?




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