Radici del Sud: the XII Exhibition of Southern Italian Wines opens the door to the best olive oils

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Radici delSud (Sannicandro di Bari, 30 maggio - 5 giugno 2017)

Radici del Sud (Sannicandro di Bari, Puglia, May 30 – June 5, 2017)

by FdS Editorial Staff

italiaThe 2017 edition of Radici del Sud (Roots of Southern Italy), the Exhibition of Wines from Southern Italian autochthon grapes, renews the appointment with its audience at the Castle of Sannicandro (Bari, Puglia) from May 30 to June 5 and for the first time it also includes the Exhibition of Extra Virgin Olive Oils of Southern Italy that hosts the olive oil production of the firms already participating in the event with its own wine labels, and also that of some firm that produces only olive oil, selected among the most representative and valuable. In this first edition of the Exhibition of Extra Virgin Olive Oils, the producers – during the two days of public opening (the closing days, June 4 and 5) – can present and offer for tasting all of their extra virgin olive oils, while the rest of the numerous activities of the intense week of Radici del Sud will be devoted, also this year, only to wine producers.

Radici del Sud, vini a confronto e degustazioni

Radici del Sud, wine tasting

To encourage the participating wine firms to generate a complete and convincing information about themselves, expression of a thorough work of organization and preparation leaving nothing to chance, another important news is the elimination of the interpreting service so far done by the organization of Radici del Sud: each wine firm will directly interact with foreign and italian buyers and journalists through their own delegate prepared to provide every technical detail, philosophy and suggestion related to this productive activity. This is a way to express – during the meetings with buyers, the visits to the wine firms, the competition of the wine labels and the Exhibition – the idea of a well-trained sector, able to face up to global challenges with indipendent means useful to people approaching the world of wines from autochthon grapes of Southern Italy with curiosity and interest.

Radici del Sud, esperti internazionali

Radici del Sud, international experts

Moreover, in the group of buyers and journalists called to express their opinion about the competition of wine labels, the number of Italian experts and great connoisseurs of Southern Italian wines, will be higher than in previous editions of the event so that, even in the evaluation of wines and discussion with other experts, the particular characteristics of the various grapes can be more easily recognized and appreciated by people not accustomed to this particular wine industry.

Finally, the press-tour, this year, will take place in Puglia, in the Lands of Primitivo grape, passing through the Alta Murgia and the territories of Nero di Troia grape, and also in Basilicata, in the area of Aglianico grape, and in Calabria, in the territory of Gaglioppo grape.

The idea behind these organizational changes, is the need to offer to foreign operators a more exciting image of Southern Italy, highlighting also the organization and the efficiency achieved in recent years, that enable the wine firms to impose itself to the global audience without hesitation or dependence on the suggestions of third persons, who could be experienced but often do not know thoroughly all aspects of this sector.

The spectacular Castle of Sannicandro di Bari, headquarters of Radici del Sud, will be involved in every space, including its ancient stables.

The initiatives in food and wine by Radici del Sud also include the availability of an application for iOS and Android: Radici Guides 2017, that contains 3 guides of wines, restaurants and pizzerias and offer a wide view of food and wine world of Puglia and Southern Italy.


Radici del Sud, Salone del Vino da Vitigno Autoctono Meridionale

Radici del Sud, Exhibition of Wines from Southern Italian autochthon grapes



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