Figs with ham: a creative recipe from Southern Italy

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Figs with ham

Figs with ham

Our proposal is a recipe for summer, completely fire less. A cool idea, very fast and excellent for an aperitif or a finger food appetizer: ham and figs, that is soft figs with ham inserts. The figs ripen in late summer, but for this recipe you can use the italian figs ‘fioroni’ (that is the first figs of the year), that you can find mature in springtime or early summer. Select large, ripe figs, green or blacks, it’s the same thing. Wash gently and dry with a cloth, taking care because they are very delicate.

Cut them in cross, up to half height (so leaving unit the base of the figs) and open them slightly. Roll on themselves some slices of good ham and place it in figs. Block it using toothpicks and keep cool until are ready to be served. Because they are really fast to make, you can prepare them just before serving, so the ham and the figs will remain soft. However you prepare them at most a couple of hours before eating, but not before, because the figs tend to change their flavor.



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