Apulian orecchiette: let’s discover an ancient type of Pasta

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Orecchiette – Ph. Axelandra – License

Orecchiette are a type of pasta widespread in Apulia and Basilicata (Southern Italy), whose shape is approximately that of small ears, from which it derives its name.Their size is approximately 3/4 of a thumb finger, and appear as a small white dome, with the center thinner than the edge and with the rough surface. The typical regional recipe is that with turnip tops. But in Capitanata or in Salento is also typical the variation with tomato sauce (with or without meat stew or meatballs or brasciole) and ‘strong cottage cheese’.

In the video below we propose a short documentary (subtitled in English) shot in the historic district of Bari called “Low Arch” starring the women who still make by hand the traditional pasta orecchiette. A document on a tradition now at risk of extinction:

THE VIDEO | on Vimeo




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