Harps concert from sunrise to sunset by neapolitan ensemble An’Arperc

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Un frame del primo video degli An’Anarperc

They are the An’Arperc, an ensemble born in Naples Conservatory S. Pietro a Majellain 2004 with the intention of creating an innovative project that could unite the popular tradition with the sweet harmonies of the harp. Here they are in their first video with the song Irish Morrison’s Jig. The shots were performed between Amalfi (Salerno), Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Caserta), and the Teatro Garibaldi in Caserta (Naples).

Starting from the traditional Irish music, the group made a trip through the folk traditions of many countries, from tango to the Mexican serenades, from medieval saltarellos to Paraguayan melodies, up to the traditional Neapolitan tarantella, giving again to the harp its nature of popular instrument lost in recent centuries.

An Arperc
Pasquale Benincasa – Percussion instruments
Gianluca Rovinello – Celtic Harp
Antonella Labriola – Celtic Harp
Adriana Cioffi – Classic Harp

THE VIDEO | on Vimeo


“Morrison Jig, dall’alba al tramonto”
based on an idea by Vincenzo Desiderio

Filmmaker – Luigi De Gregorio
Photo backstage – Valentina Celotto
Assistant – Luca Scarpati


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