Aliens. Forty artists exhibit in Lecce the alienating forms of contemporary life

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momo-z-art orkestar

MoMò Calascibetta – MOMO-Z-ART Orkestar

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APULIA (Italy) – With E-lite Studiogallery, Summer in Lecce is a ‘state of the art affair’. Exclusively in the Baroque capital, the fifth station of the national exhibition project: ‘Aliens. The alienating shapes of Contemporary Art’from the 20th of July to the 20th of August.

On the 20th of July, E-lite Studiogallery – an established exhibition space in Lecce and a hub for Contemporary art – will host: ‘Aliens. The alienating shapes of Contemporary art’. This is a national itinerant exhibition conceived by Sergio Curtacci, director of the Milanese Contemporary Art magazine ‘Frattura Scomposta’. The exhibition has already been on show during the first five months of 2013 travelling between Lombardia and Emilia Romagna.

The concept of the project prompts artists to express – through their individual medium, spirit and creativity – themes relating to the human alienation. The exhibition saw its first collective launch at the Spazio Vega in Margera (VE) in 2007, in parallel with the 52nd Venezia Biennale; earlier this year, the show travelled to Como, Bologna and Gorgonzola (MI), engaging some fifty-nine Italian artists. Nineteen of the artists involved were also exhibiting at the Biennale for Visual Arts in Venice, three were mentioned by the Corriere della Sera as best artists of 2012, and one exhibits his works in the permanent collection of the world renowned Mart museum in Rovereto.

The style proposed by E-lite Studiogallery for this fifth stage of the project is rather remarkable and innovative. The forty artists invited to participate will work and interact with two exhibition spaces: the distinctive open space of E-lite Studiogallery and the XVI Century Palazzo Vernazza Castromediano, one of the oldest and most imposing architectural gems of the city.

Claudia Pellegrino and Flavia Lanza explain: ‘The deliberate choice to realize the show using two different exhibition spaces both in the heart of the city, has a specific objective: to establish a focal point of attraction and sponsorship for Contemporary art and culture in a city like Lecce that boasts one of the most impressive and prestigious artistic and architectural heritage, and that is not only a popular seaside resort, but also a key destination for culture tourism. The project seeks to highlight the intrinsic qualities of art that, by its virtue, distinguishes itself from other manifestations of human creativity which are often serving utilitarian or speculative purposes. It will be a true ‘alien’ invasion. 120 works on display: painting, sculpture, installations and photography by the most promising artists of the Italian art scene. 4 performances in the program, to engage locals, tourists, art lovers and more, a ‘state of the art’ Contemporary art summer in Lecce!’


Andrea Martinucci, Angela Viola, Anna Caruso, Anna Frida Madia, Annaclara De Biase, Annalù, Antonio De Luca, Antonio Delluzio, Carlo Cofano, El Gato Chimney, Elisa Anfuso, Eva Reguzzoni, Fabio Mazzola, Fabrizio Riccardi, Francesco Sambo, Fulvio Martini, Giancarlo Bozzani, Giancarlo Marcali, Gianluca Chiodi, Ilaria Margutti, Irene Lucia Vanelli, Jara Marzulli, Marcella Bonfanti, Marco Rea, Massimiliano Manieri, Massimo Quarta, Matteo Nannini, Maurizio L’Altrella, Momò Calascibetta (up in the photo, his work “MOMO-Z-ART Orkestar, exposed in Lecce), Nicola Caredda, Nunzio Paci, Orodè Deoro, Raffaella Formenti, Roberta Ubaldi, Roberto Fontana, Streamcolors, Tarshito, Tiziano Soro, Vania Elettra Tam e Vincenzo Todaro. Forty talents with diverse backgrounds, age, training, provenance and technique, yet with a single purpose: being a lens through which the rays of Contemporary art, life and society converge, with the aspiration of building an image that contributes to reshaping and reassembling social welfare. Contemporary art is a means to overcome the uneasy conditions of contemporary life that sees us acting as ‘aliens’ on the earth, and as frightened foreign visitors to the planet to which we belong.


Opening on Saturday 20th of July at 8pm, at Palazzo Vernazza with the presentation of the project and a performance by Orode’ Deoro, to then continue at the E-lite Studiogallery with the performance by Ilaria Margutti and an ‘alien’ reception, offered by Leone de Castris, Vitivinicoltori since 1665.

The exhibition – realised with the patronage of Lecce City Council and the Department of Culture, Media and Tourism, and with the sponsorship of Vestas Hotels &Resorts, Leone de Castris Vitivinicoltori since 1665 and Pezzuto Furnitures for technical engineering systems – will remain open until the 20th of August, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 6pm to 9.30pm.


Saturday 20th July 8pm, Palazzo Vernazza
Orode’ Deoro, ‘Istruzione per il compimento di un’azione’. Action painting with painting performance, saxophonist and dancer – Orode’ Deoro (action painting), Roberto Gagliardi (saxphone), Stefania Mariano (dance). The performance searches for a novel connection between forms and expressions. Brings them together for a brief moment to then disappear, thus escaping the consuming action of time passing by.

9.30pm, E-lite Studiogallery Ilaria Margutti, “Predizioni”, Video installation and performance: This is the celebration of routine, slow and conscious gestures, conveyed through the discipline of a traditional art, embroiding.

9.30pm, E-lite Studiogallery
Fabio Mazzola, ‘a Giacomo’, Performance: the artist proposes to be a ‘medium’, through the re-writing of a rediscovered manuscript that once belonged to his late father, with the purpose of establishing a contact with him and with the public.

Friday 2nd August 8pm, E-lite Studiogallery
Tarshito, ‘Beatitudine’, Happening: to express an art, which attitude it is to support and encourage the shining aspect of each one of us, an art that is opposed to selfishness,dominance and violence.

Friday 9th August 8.30pm, Palazzo Vernazza Massimiliano Manieri, ‘The Keyboard’, Performance: to expand the perception of reality through a way of creating an art that is vigilant, insightful, and instrumental to realise a metaphor/message of reconciliation with the end of the world.


Elite Studiogallery, Corte San Blasio 1c Lecce Palazzo Vernazza Castromediano| Piazzetta Giuseppe Pellegrino Lecce
When: 20 July – 20 August 2013
Launch: Saturday, 20 July, 8pm
Opening times:Tues – Sat, 6pm– 9.30pm

General information and contact details:

E-lite Studiogallery, Corte San Blasio, 1c, 73100 Lecce Claudia Pellegrino, mobile: +39 338_1674879
Frattura Scomposta Contemporary Art Magazine



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